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Industry Experience
Our team has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of Financial Aid and School management. Click here to learn more. 

Our team has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of Financial Aid and School management.  We excel in the development of compliant business practices as they relate to:

  • Compliant Financial Aid Office business plans, policy reconstruction, accreditation reviews, and staff training;
  • Internal Institutional Reviews of staffing concerns, functional analysis as related to administrative capabilities, and evaluations of school processes that has been used for school acquisitions;
  • Targeted Audits of Regulatory Compliance that have been conducted as a result of increased Title IV usage greater than 15% of prior year usage, during change of ownership issues, and, multiple audit issues from annual audit reports, and;
  • Regulatory Audit Reconstructions required by US Dept of ED program reviewers and audit conducted by the Office of Inspector General.

It is during these experiences where we specialize in the ability to quickly identify issues, trends, or operations concerns and develop a broad and intensive knowledge of the working of the institutions we serve.  We collaborate with staff, assist them in the deficient areas, and provide detailed analysis of our work.

With the varied experiences of our team, and our diverse backgrounds in higher education, we have been exposed to multiple compliance issues surrounding the Federal Loan Programs, Operational Regulations, and Accreditation issues that impact the work of institutions.

Our regulatory compliance audit work have allowed our team to develop a cross system process designed to address the multiple aspects of an institution’s working parts in administration of aid, accreditation compliance issues, and, personnel management.  These experiences have lead to the creation and submission of very detailed operational reports that define inconsistent application of process, deficient practices, and, defined action plans which outline how institutions could improve operations and compliance.

What are the Benefits to you?
Our team can quickly and efficiently review your institutional needs and:

  • Anticipate developing concerns related to issues on non-compliance in your operations as we identify regulatory “hot buttons” in your process;
  • Identify and minimize regulatory compliance risk applicable specifically to your institution’s operational structure;
  • Provide you and your team with comprehensive resources with specialized expertise in the use of regulations for best practices and operational efficiency.


Institutional Compliance Experience
During the course of the a US Dept of ED Program Eligibility Review, our team of specialists will be available and on site to evaluate your prior annual reports, review of loan default rates, follow through with corrective action plans. Click here to learn more.

Compliance with Title IV 
During the course of the a US Dept of ED Program Eligibility Review, our team of specialists will be available and on site to evaluate your prior annual reports, review of loan default rates, follow through with corrective action plans, and, the institution’s actions and performance in resolving any negative finding or actions taken by the U.S. Department of Education regarding compliance of the institution with the requirements of Title IV of the HEA. 
In addition, and when appropriate as audits impact an Institutions Accreditation with any of the Commissions, our team of specialists will review information provided by the U.S. Secretary of Education in conjunction with the Accrediting Commission requirements and will determine if the information calls into question compliance with its Accreditation Standards and wherever any follow-up action is needed.

Institutions participating in the Title IV programs under the HEA must recognize that actions taken by the Accrediting body, designated as their gate-keeping agency, must be able to demonstrate diligence in keeping compliance with program responsibilities defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Divisions of Responsibility of Institutional Offices 
Pursuant to applicable federal regulations, the Financial Aid is the awarding agent for student aid funds. The Business Office is the disbursing agent for student aid funds.  We evaluate your internal procedures, assist in defining appropriate separation of duties, and establish communication links as required to ensure that the Business Office handles the disbursement of all funds.  We also examine the Office of the Registrar, the means for which academic progress is evaluated, and the method of providing information regarding academic records, transcripts, registration, and scheduling of classes to the financial aid office.  Our goal is to provide proper guidance during the access to record information, the privacy act, and the administration of federal regulations by associated departments.


Program Review & Audits
Our 12+ years worth of experiences with Program Review requirements have made our work valid for testing by legal experts. Click here to learn more.

Program Review, Annual Audits, and the Ability to Prevent Institutional Concerns from Turning into Audit Findings

Our 12+ years worth of experiences with Program Review requirements have made our work valid for testing by legal experts.  We have provided concise and compliant documentation that, when contracted to perform, was completed at a level that provided for a legal opinion, an complete analytical review of process, and the ability to use our documentation to resolve audit findings as such to ensure continued compliance by the institutions under review.

We have a broad knowledge base and have a team of reviewers that are capable of handling all aspects of FSA Title IV and Accreditation compliance issues, and as such, we have been able to resolve many concerns with the interpretation of facts and figures within the education industry.

Our expertise comes from our extensive firsthand non-compliance experience, from having designed numerous comprehensive corrective action plans and preventive procedural systems, and, from having helped institutions implement new policies and procedurers, or the refining of current administrative issues.  Our ability to identify the root of these issues have identified internal infractions, that when corrected, have prevented  investigations or compliance reviews.

Additionally, our team includes an individual with considerable experience in operating compliance systems on campus.
Our team can assist your institution as it prepares for the requirements of:

  • An annual FSA audit;
  • The reaccreditation and self-study certification process by providing an outside, independent assessment of your institution's compliance with the operating principles on which accreditation is based;
  • An assessment your academic policies related to administrative capability with the published C.F.R. requirements including the ability for our team to make practical recommendations to elevate your compliance
  • Responding to a program review final determination letter that allows for continued participation with the FSA Title IV programs necessary for the health of the institution.

These experiences have allowed our team of reviewers to get to the heart of issues that require multiple department assistance and cover aspects of the business model that may seen unrelated at first. After many years in the field working through the changes imposed by the U.S. Department of Education, our reviews and compliance work have been instrumental in its ability lead staff through the maze of materials, institution process issues, and, the changes in management controls that could have led to lapses in control.

It is through these dedicated efforts that our review team is able to clearly communicate their interpreted results of the work performed for our clients.

Our consulting work functions like forensic accountants for the financial aid process, and our thorough understanding of the requirements that financial aid auditors must follow and enforce, we are able to prevent small departmental based issues from becoming an encompassing compliance issue with the US Dept. of ED or the OIG.  
In past 5 years, we have reviewed more than 20 institutions and have been involved in several reconstruction of records proceedings resulting from program reviews, and have been instrumental in the materials preparations for appeals of decisions in non-compliant infractions cases.  In addition we work closely with institutional managment when, after all available evidence has been reviewed and obtained, an alleged issue of non-compliance is not supported, we report is as such and support our conclusion.  When an alleged violation is proven, we help the institution identify ways to enhance it's rules education and monitoring programs to ensure that the violation is not repeated.

This is the TRUE value of our services.

We pride ourselves in being good at working with people, business systems, and multiple financial aid computer programs.  Above all we represent you, our client partner, with a service that is of the highest standards of integrity.


Team Biographies
Click here to learn more about the GJC team.

Gregory Jon PlourdeGregory Jon Plourde: President
Gregory Jon Plourde started GJC in 2007. Gregory performs institutional program reviews, audits and provides advice for schools that participate in FSA Title IV or who are seeking to participate in FSA Title IV. Gregory holds a Masters from Southern NH University and a Bachelor Degree in Biology from St. Joseph's College, North Windham Maine.

Prior to starting GJC Gregory worked in multiple positions for career education and traditional degree granting colleges. He has experience in Institutional Management, Academic curriculum assessment, Institutional self-study and planning, as well as an extended period in the federal student aid community.

Elaine Patten: Institutional Compliance ReviewerElaine Patten

Prior to working at GJC Elaine worked as.....



Michael GiannottMichael Giannott: Institutional Compliance Specialist 
Prior to working for GJC, Michael has held positions of Director of Finance, Controller, Assistant Controller, and Auditor.  Mike has performed day-to-day operational accounting; as well as, auditing inventories.  Hs experience goes back 25 years when he made his start working as an Accounts Payable Specialist.  Mike finds it rewarding to be an accountant.  Solving problems and keeping things in compliance has always been his specialty. 

Mike Giannott has his Bachelors Degree in Accounting. Recently, Mike has achieved an Associates Degree in Communication Arts in Production.

While working for GJC, Mike reviews student financial aid files for compliance of proper file maintenance, as well as reviewing account ledgers for compliance with Title IV standards for proper application of federal funds to student accounts in a timely manners; as well as, making sure that the student is receiving the proper loan and grant amounts as stated by federal policy.  Working with other team members who specialize in Compliance, Mike can determine if student files have proper documentation for financial aid.

Pamela Criado: Institutional Accreditation and Self-Study Assessment Compliance Specialist.