What We Do:

Pen on paper

 A simple question but the answer is not so simple.

First, we are specialists in US Dept of ED program review preparation, institutional administrative capability compliance, and, the evaluation and completion of responses to final determination letters.

Second, we are a focus group of people whose sole mission for each client is to identify, review, address, and solve financial aid related administration concerns across the entire institution. We believe that a well versed institution serves the students, customers, and internal operations better if they are informed of all the regulatory requirements.

Third, but no less important than the others, we work with you to address and solve compliance concerns that we or other reviewers have made you aware of, never losing sight of the fact that in order to maintain a compliant institution reviews and evaluations are necessary.

Gregory Jon Consulting has nearly 25 years in Federal Student Aid compliance where our team is versed in multiple school types, has reviewed and responded to more than a dozen OIG and US Dept of ED program reviews, and has assisted with more than 20 schools.  Our business expertise means we specialize in Title IV Administration, US Department of Education Program Review, and Institutional Accreditation Compliance and Post-Secondary Education Compliance. Our staff Subject experts that specialize in Title IV audit compliance issues, R2T4, and policy issues and we work with your staff to provide guidance and technical skills to complete and assist with Program Review Reports for clients with the Department of Education.

Services We Provide

  • Training and Policy updating with the creation of a detailed FSA Title IV Regulations handbook
  • Implementation of Corrective Action plans to address and resolve Non-Compliant Audits
  • On-site Title IV Compliance Reviews in preparation for annual audits and self-study reports
  • Evaluation of Institutions for Acquisition including the completion of Due Diligence Compliance
  • On-site Investigation reviews for multiple site or corporate accounts
  • Responses to Program Reviews and Audits
  • Appeals of Final Determinations
  • Appeals of Emergency Actions
  • Accreditation Responses and Appeals.